Placing a Specialty To Go Order?

Please fill out the form below to place your order OR call the Club’s Catering Department at (210) 496-1560, ext. 105. Orders must be received before 5:00pm Tuesday - Friday (pick-ups are not available on Mondays as the club is closed). Members may pay cash or charge to their Member account. Please see the Club's Receptionist to pick up your order. For online orders, you will receive a confirmation phone call or email from the Catering Department. Please note that orders will be rung in on the date they are picked up.


The Catering Office is open for orders Tuesday-Saturday. (The Catering Office is closed on Sunday-Monday)

Available Pickup Times: Tuesdays 9am-2pm, Wednesday-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sundays 9am-3pm, Club is Closed on Mondays. Enjoy dinner...without cooking!  Check out our current Food To Go Menu for all your favorite Casseroles and Home-Style Meals. Click here for the Food to go menu.

**For a  Holiday Food To Go Menu Click Here**

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